Ooty Trip

Hi readers, I hope you enjoyed my last true story on my wife’s ‘experience’. Please share your ideas and suggestions that will help run our sex lives better. Anita and I discussed to take a 5 day vacation to a hill station and decided to go to Ooty to enjoy the scenic beauty and have some steamy sex. Both of us work hard and get very less chance to enjoy our lives.

Anita was excited about our ooty trip and discussed this with her colleagues in office. Her close friend Seema, liked the idea of going to Ooty and requested that she and her husband Naveen also would like to join us, if we dint mind. Anita checked with me and I felt, it was better to go with another couple since Anita and I would get good company from all angles.

I knew seema from the time Anita joined the advertisement agency and seema was from Hyderabad and Naveen owned automobile spare parts business. Seema was 27 years old, whitish complexion with medium sized body with a a round shaped hips and thighs and her breasts were also bigger. Though she dressed in Salwar Kameez and the tight stretch pants with short kurtas she liked to show her assets proudly.

Her husband was 34 years old and a muscular built, with broad hairy chest and huge palms, which reflected on Seema’s breast size! A couple of times, Anita had shared that Naveen was always hungry for sex and made seema sleepless entire night, due to which she used to doze off in the office sometimes. This actually struck like an idea in my mind and I immediately agreed to take them along.

We booked a innova and both the couples packed all stuff neatly and jumped in for the joy ride. The ladies had prepared and brought some tasty eatables and we enjoyed every turn and corner of the drive. As we started climibing the hill, my head was running with full of ideas to have a raging round of sex when we reach ooty.

I had booked a large cottage with a two rooms and a big hall with fire chimney and hot water facility with good food facility as well. We reached the cottage and went in to check out and the ladies let out a sigh with appreciation when they saw the cottage which was a bit away from other cottages and far from noise and pollution.

Naveen and I had got some good liquor and planned to start our session, meanwhile the ladies freshened up and changed clothes that made us feel warm inside our underwears! The room started heating up since the fire chimney was on and the eatables, snacks, were all ordered. The windows were closed with thick curtains and we dint have to worry about people disturbing us in that type of cottages.

It was 3 pm and we sat for a round of drinks and the ladies preferred Vodka including me and Naveen had Whiskey. The TV was on and FTV was preferred by the ladies. After a couple of shots, Naveen and Seema sat next to each other and started caressing eachother’s arms, neck and Naveen started petting Seema’s waist and thighs. Anita noticed this and was casual and came sat next to me.

I remember, sometimes back, Anita used to praise Naveen for his masculinity and the way he made love to Seema and his never ending stamina, all that hit my head. I quickly made three large for the ladies and naveen and had a small for myself. Naveen was noticing Anita and her body, I am sure he liked Anita’s everything and was just waiting for an opportunity.

Anita and Seema are not at all conservative and are in fact bold when it comes to displaying affection, and smooching openly. I pulled Anita and kissed her cheeks and pulled her waist and she asked me that ‘If i am excited, we can get inside the room’ to which naveen and Seema laughed and said, all of us are excited in this climate and a romantic set up.

Anita had already enjoyed Swaroop’s thick 8 inches penis and was naughtily looking at me for another round of sex with stranger. She knew Naveen had a long penis with purple head that was waiting to come inside her wet vagina and signaled me for some action. I told her to speak to Seema and let her also enjoy with me.

Anita took seema into the room and spoke to her on some entertainment and when they came back Seema was a bit high but was tipsy and sat next to me. I signaled Anita and she went to Naveen and stared him in his eyes, preparing him for a marathon round of sex.

Anita looked young in that noodle strap top and a woolen pajama and was eagerly wanting to get naveen inside her. Naveen was matured enough to understand the signal and looked at me and asked if this was all ok with us and I said as long as Seema is ok, Anita and myself are also fine to have this sex session.

I saw Anita eagerly getting close to Naveen and caressing all over him and pulling his pajama. He readily removed his underwear and pulled out his masculine cock which was thick and heavy to see. I immediately looked at Seema and she was removing her skirt and Bra, we decided to have a wife swapping session in the hall, right on the thick carpet and a huge bed which was ready to accommodate the couples.

Naveen asked me if I really wanted to see Anita get fucked on bed in different positions. I begged him to start in front of us and allow me to help his erection. I slowly went next to his thighs and held his cock which was semi erect and pulled the foreskin and felt happy to see the thick purple head and without hesitation, swallowed it with my saliva filled mouth. Naveen slowly sighed in Aaahh!

And asked me to wet it completely before it gets inside my wife’s vagina, Anita asked me to click the entire length of cock and also wet her pussy, which i obediently agreed. Naveen pulled his cock out from my mouth and placed it in my wife’s mouth and asked her to suck it like she had never done it to her husband and Anita was madly sucking it hungrily.

Naveen pulled her and made her lay on the bed and spread her thighs and rubbed her hairy and thick vagina lips and smeared the juice on his dick and inserted the head in the opening.

Anita looked at me and I said, this is what you wanted to enjoy and you have my permission to have sex with him. Naveen forced his entry and pushed his long and thick penis hard and Anita cheered loudly and held Naveen’s ass tightly and started moaning loudly, the more deeper he fucked, the more louder moaning and she was looking at me and begged me for more, I liked the scene since I was a cuckold I enjoyed seeing my wife getting fucked hungrily and thought that I should allow her with more strangers or at least more frequently with Naveen.

Naveen, had good stamina and was pumping like a dog and was holding my wife’s thick waist and licking her lips vigorously. I turned back to see, Seema fully nude and holding my penis and getting it hard.

I bent down and smelled her vagina, which was hairy and full of wetness, i put my finger inside and scraped the soft walls and took the salty juice in my finger and licked it and smeared all over my lips and kissed Seema. Seema, said, look how Naveen is enjoying Anita, He had in fact liked Anita and had mentioned in their love making sessions and Seema had shared that with Anita too,but I was ignorant!

Looking at how my wife was getting fucked with a stranger and that moaning all over the room and the thick carpet and fire chimney was all making it grander. I pulled Seema beside and made her bend over and licked her entire body and sucked her huge breast and bit her nipples. She started moaning and i inserted the middle finger in her steam filled hairy pussy and rubbed it vigorously.

She asked me to cover over her and fuck her like a rabbit, hugging her full body and kissing tongue to tongue. I made her lay next to the couple and inserted my dick inside and pushed hard and we started banging really fast.

Naveen and myself were feeling like being in heaven and like there was no ending to our sex session. I was quickly done and Seema asked me to unload my sperms in her vagina and she liked the idea of another man’s sperms in her and I did the same way to make her feel happy while we finished, I saw naveen pull out his thick and long penis, which looked like a German Shepard’s dick and positioned on my wife’s face to shoot the hot load of his semen. I was excited to see this and naveen just hit his sperms on her face, lips, nose, neck and breasts and asked her to lick them and swallow slowly. Any husband will love to see his wife lick the sperms of another man with love and hunger.

Anita dint waste a minute and started sliding the semen towards her lips and sucked them with ease and love. I could not wait for such an occasion and positioned myself behind Anita’s ass and begged her to allow me to lick her hard fucked semen dripping vagina. Naveen and Anita smiled and allowed me to smell the hairy pussy soaked with naveen’s semen and also licked it fully.

Naveen looked at me and said, though Anita was married and has two children but her body is still lovely to fuck and her hungry pussy is a feast to enjoy. We all decided to take hot water shower and Naveen took Anita into a different bathroom and I pulled Seema. We had a very good start in Ooty and enjoyed its chilling climate with our steamy session. I hope you liked the true experience and encourage you all to share your feelings, suggestions and also tell me if you need my help for a threesome.

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